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Cottontail Shoppe 

Once upon a time, two small town college students needed a fun hobby to keep them busy (other than sitting on the couch or getting kicked out of good ole' Wal*Mart). So, after stumbling into the magical world of soap, and fast forwarding a few frustratingly fun hours, they had made their first batch of soap!

And the rest was history....

But really, we randomly found a love for making soap one day, made too much for us to use by ourselves, and thought it would be an awesome idea to sell our handmade soaps to people who love to smell good, need to relax, and are happy to give us their money so we can pay for rent, food... ya know, minor things.

We've added many more products to our arsenal since then, making it our passion to bring handmade, cruelty free, affordable products to our wonderful customers who need a little extra TLC.

Help us with our mission of

Making the world a cleaner place - one bunny butt at a time!


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Mari-Ann Bui



Sean Puffer




We hand mix, pour, mold, package and do everything else in between.